An Introduction:

Trough all of my life I’ve been drawing. As long as inspiration and concepts have come to me I’ve grabbed the pencil and tried to convert the ideas rummaging through my head onto paper. It’s inspiration and concepts that don’t have roots in the real world that we know and live in, but that I’ve found in myths, stories, tv, movies, and library books. The results of these drawings have only been limited by my talent – but that’s a talent I’ve trained and improved my whole life.

I find that the motivation and the end results are best when I draw for my own sake; that being princesses or Pokemons, fairytale creatures or animals. Sometimes an idea has been stuck so insistently in my head, it is as if it’s the drawings need – and not mine – to exist in this world.
As I’ve grown older my interest in art has expanded from my own drawings to also include paintings, sculptures, pictures and litterature. Art is in everything around you – you just have to keep your eyes open. I try to do that as often as it’s possible and when I finally get inspired I also find peace in creating.

As a help to myself I’ve created this site as an online portfolio for all my drawings and paintings. It’s divided into different categories that each describes a specific universe or has a certain emotion that connects them all in one group. I’ve tried to include some words to each category as to why these specific drawings belong in the same family – and what exactly it is they’re trying to say; things that are difficult to put into words are often easier to explain through other forms. At the same time a little description often helps with the interpretation if the artwork falls short. The titles of my drawings are a mix of my own poetry, and lines and quotes that I’ve picked up from songs, movies, books and social media. Common for all is that they give the drawings an extra dimension that’ll hopefully put your thoughts in motion.

-Nina Jervidalo

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